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Helmreich papers

Identifier: w2021.10.25

Content Description

5 bankers' boxes, plus three oversized items

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Transferred to archives by Zephorene Stickney Helmreich on October 25, 2021. Recovered from Dr Helmreich's office following his passing.

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1 boxes (Diploma, 4 swimming medals, 4 pins, 1 swimming trophy, bible, world atlas, 2 swimming time plaques, 7 journals, 5 banking certificates, 9 passports, a bundle of letters, bundle of printed emails/letters, 2 framed pictures, wedding scrapbook, 3 yearbooks, memorial award, 2 folders, box of word cards)

2 boxes (2 diaries, scrapbook, 2 atlas, 4 papers, 3 manuscripts, 16 academic journals, 3 family notes album, 7 Wheaton quarterly, 2 handouts, 1 student handbook, 2 dissertations, 2 history of Norton/Wheaton, 2 high school reunion yearbooks, high school 100-anniversary yearbook, 1 folder, The Bowdoin Orient, family tree)

1 boxes (1 Victorian-era fiction book, 1 book studying racism within institutions, 1 large envelope of buttons formerly on Helmreich's lampshades, 1 file of tufted letters resembling those on varsity jackets, 2 files of photos, 2 files of newspaper articles, 2 albums of personal photos, 1 first baseball thrown in little league by Helmreich, 1 intricate pencil box with Helmreich's name and date (Dec. 25, 1939) inscribed on side, note inside stating: "Pencil box given [to] me by my grandfather, Christian Helmreich for Christmas, 1939. I was in first grade". )

1 boxes (Files of publications and lectures by Helmreich, ranging from the 1990s to 2017 including class reunions, memorial speeches, Norton cable speeches, speeches at retirement dinners for others, Wheaton talks to alumni, faculty, Attleboro Daughters of The American Revolution, bring your child to work days, files attained on Switzerland for articles published by Hlmreich in Grolier's encyclopedia, book reviews, publishing receipts, speech at Mary Lyon's birthday 1982, and so on. )

3 - oversized item (Poster on backside has handwritten: " 'Now' is ephemeral. Only the past is real!" in all capital letters; Other side advertising Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods - Poster shows signs of wear on both sides. 1 painted cream sign with black lettering reading "HELMREICH AMHERST". Intricate rolled family tree poster, with German calligraphic writing on bottom left, and family tree. Paul Helmreich's grandfather Christian Helmreich's name is written on the middle top, with three blank boxes above. )