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Balanced Curriculum, Articles and Correspondence

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum Budget Proposal

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum Correspondance

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum, Correspondance and Draft Report on the Literature and Arts Session

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum, Correspondance with Universidad de Puerto Rico

 Digital Work
Dates: 1982-02-01 - 1982-03-02

Balanced Curriculum, Correspondence from FIPSE Office to Wheaton Departments

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum Department of Education Correspondance

 Digital Work
Dates: 1982-08-30 - 1983-11-07

Balanced Curriculum Dissemination, Articles and Meeting Minutes

 Digital Work

Balanced Curriculum Dissemination: Conference 1

 Digital Work
Dates: 1983-06 - 1983-07

Balanced Curriculum Dissemination, Correspondence and Agendas

 Digital Work
Dates: 1981-01 - 1981-03

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Balanced Curriculum Project 42
Coeducation. 17
WCCS (Wheaton College Radio) 17
Wheatones (Campus A Capella Group) 15
Universities and Colleges--Administration. 11
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Samuel Valentine Cole, Rev. Dr., 1851-1925 (Wheaton President, 1897-1925) 10
Katherine "Kay" Alice Burton, 6/5/1890-6/6/1994 (Wheaton Prof. of English) 6
Alexander, John W. (American Painter and Illustrator) 5
Cole, Helen Wieand, 1885-1965 (Wheaton Prof. Latin & Greek, Trustee, 1935-65) 5
Geiringer, Hilda (Professor of Mathematics at Wheaton College) 4
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John Edgar Park, 1879-1956 (Wheaton President, 1926-1944) 4
Korsch, Hedwig (Hedda) (Wheaton College Professor of German, head of German Department) 4
Prentice, William Courtney Hamilton (Wheaton President, 1962-1975) 4
Rosenblith, Judy (Wheaton Professor, 1965-1984, first Meneely Chair) 4
Meneely, Alexander Howard (A. Howard Meneely), 1899-1961 (Wheaton President, 1944-1961) 3
O'Connor, Sandra Day (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) 3
Pittman, Portia Washington 3
Stahl, Leslie (Wheaton College class of 1963, Wheaton College Trustee, News Correspondent) 3
Wheaton, Eliza Baylies Chapin, 1809-1905 (Founder of Wheaton Female Seminary) 3
White, Renee, Dr. (Provost, Wheaton College) 3
Biden, Joseph (United States Politician) 2
Hughes, Harriet Eleanor, 1896-1949 (Wheaton College class of 1918, Wheaton College Trustee 1935-1949) 2
Kenworthy, Walter 2
Kilham, Annie (Wheaton Seminary class of 1870; Wheaton instructor 1871-1875, 1885-1886; Wheaton Board of Trustees 1908-1927.) 2
Mitchell, Zerviah 2
Niebuhr, H. Richard, 1894-1962 (Christian theological ethicist) 2
Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962 (First Lady of the United States) 2
Sakanishi, Shio, 1896-1976 (Wheaton College class of 1925,) 2
Shipley, Walter, Dr. (Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College) 2
Steinem, Gloria (Journalist, Author, Feminist) 2
Austin, Holcombe M., 1906-2003 (Wheaton Prof. of Philosophy 1941-72) 1
Baylies, Hodijah (Uncle of Eliza Wheaton, Aide-de-Camp of General George Washington) 1
Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933. (Governor of MA, President of the United States) 1
Dickinson, Richard (Chaplain of Wheaton College, Instructor in Religion) 1
Dukakis, Michael (Governor of Massachusetts) 1
Goldberg, Hannah Friedman, 1933-2010 (Wheaton Provost 1983-98, Acting President 1991-92) 1
Hutt, Frank Walcott (Secretary of the Old Colony Historical Society) 1
Kilham, Eleanor B. (Wheaton Seminary Class of 1876) 1
Kilham, Frances R. (Wheaton Seminary Class of 1883) 1
Martha E.W. Vose Emerson (Wheaton Principal, 1840-42) 1
Martin, John Arthur, Dr. (Chair of Religion Department, Wheaton College) 1
Mary Lyon, 1797-1849 (American women's educator) 1
May, Elizabeth Stoffregen, 1907-2011 (Economist, Wheaton Dean of the College & Acting President) 1
Mead, Margaret 1
Nancy Paine Norton (Wheaton Prof. of History) 1
Ozawa, Seji (Conductor) 1
Richard Eberhart, 1904-2005 (Wheaton Visiting Prof. of English) 1
Robert Frost, 1874-1963 (Poet) 1
Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt (Poet) 1
Russell, Carlton T., Rev. (Wheaton Prof. of Music) 1
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933- (Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) 1
Shipley, Esther Upjohn 1
Sitwell, Edith Louisa, 1887-1964 1
Sitwell, Osbert, Sir 1
Washington, Booker Taliaferro, 1856-1915 1
Washington, Margaret James Murray 1
Wellesley College (1876-) 1
Wieand, Irma C. (Sister of Helen Wieand Cole) 1
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