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Borden, Abby Durfee Gray, 1828-1892


Abby Durfee Gray Borden (1828-1892) and her husband since 1865, Andrew Jackson Borden (1822-1892), were murdered in their home at 92 Second Street, Fall River, MA on August 4, 1892. Their deaths were grisly, as they were both killed by multiple wounds, presumably administered by an axe. The murders occurred ca. 90 minutes apart while the family maid, Bridgette Sullivan, and Andrew's youngest daughter from his first marriage, Lizzie Andrew Borden, were in the home.

At the age of 32, Lizzie Borden was charged, tried, and acquitted of the murders, although the presumption of her guilt prevails today.

Lizzie's older sister Emma Lenora Borden (1851 – 1927) attended Wheaton Female Seminary for four terms in 1867-68). She was in Fairhaven, Mass the day of the murders in Fall River. After the trial, Emma and Lizzie purchased and lived in a home on French Street, in Fall River, later named by Lizzie as Maplecroft. Following a falling-out in 1905, Emma left Fall River and relocated.