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Professor Travis Crosby with Ann Williams

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Professor Walt Shipley

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Program for Waiting for Godot

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Dates: 1968-11-13 - 1968-11-14

Rachel Cozzens

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"Recruitment of Minority and Poverty Students"

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Report of the Secretary of the Board of Admissions, 1931-32

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Report of the Secretary of the Board of Admissions, 1932-1933

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Report of Wheaton Female Seminary

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Report on the Work of the Admissions Office, 1934-1936

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Residence Hall/House Move-Out Procedure

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Universities and Colleges--Administration. 11
Annual reports 10
Icarian Community. 6
Segregation 6
Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919 5
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Samuel Valentine Cole, Rev. Dr., 1851-1925 (Wheaton President, 1897-1925) 6
Alexander, John W. (American Painter and Illustrator) 5
Cole, Helen Wieand, 1885-1965 (Wheaton Prof. Latin & Greek, Trustee, 1935-65) 5
Geiringer, Hilda (Professor of Mathematics at Wheaton College) 4
John Edgar Park, 1879-1956 (Wheaton President, 1926-1944) 4
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Korsch, Hedwig (Hedda) (Wheaton College Professor of German, head of German Department) 4
Prentice, William Courtney Hamilton (Wheaton President, 1962-1975) 4
Meneely, Alexander Howard (A. Howard Meneely), 1899-1961 (Wheaton President, 1944-1961) 3
O'Connor, Sandra Day (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) 3
Pittman, Portia Washington 3
Stahl, Leslie (Wheaton College class of 1963, Wheaton College Trustee, News Correspondent) 3
White, Renee, Dr. (Provost, Wheaton College) 3
Biden, Joseph (United States Politician) 2
Hughes, Harriet Eleanor, 1896-1949 (Wheaton College class of 1918, Wheaton College Trustee 1935-1949) 2
Kenworthy, Walter 2
Kilham, Annie (Wheaton Seminary class of 1870; Wheaton instructor 1871-1875, 1885-1886; Wheaton Board of Trustees 1908-1927.) 2
Mitchell, Zerviah 2
Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962 (First Lady of the United States) 2
Sakanishi, Shio, 1896-1976 (Wheaton College class of 1925,) 2
Shipley, Walter, Dr. (Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College) 2
Steinem, Gloria (Journalist, Author, Feminist) 2
Wheaton, Eliza Baylies Chapin, 1809-1905 (Founder of Wheaton Female Seminary) 2
Austin, Holcombe M., 1906-2003 (Wheaton Prof. of Philosophy 1941-72) 1
Baylies, Hodijah (Uncle of Eliza Wheaton, Aide-de-Camp of General George Washington) 1
Dickinson, Richard (Chaplain of Wheaton College, Instructor in Religion) 1
Goldberg, Hannah Friedman, 1933-2010 (Wheaton Provost 1983-98, Acting President 1991-92) 1
Hutt, Frank Walcott (Secretary of the Old Colony Historical Society) 1
Kilham, Eleanor B. (Wheaton Seminary Class of 1876) 1
Kilham, Frances R. (Wheaton Seminary Class of 1883) 1
Martha E.W. Vose Emerson (Wheaton Principal, 1840-42) 1
Martin, John Arthur, Dr. (Chair of Religion Department, Wheaton College) 1
May, Elizabeth Stoffregen, 1907-2011 (Economist, Wheaton Dean of the College & Acting President) 1
Mead, Margaret 1
Robert Frost, 1874-1963 (Poet) 1
Russell, Carlton T., Rev. (Wheaton Prof. of Music) 1
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933- (Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) 1
Shipley, Esther Upjohn 1
Sitwell, Edith Louisa, 1887-1964 1
Sitwell, Osbert, Sir 1
Washington, Booker Taliaferro, 1856-1915 1
Washington, Margaret James Murray 1
Wellesley College (1876-) 1
Wieand, Irma C. (Sister of Helen Wieand Cole) 1
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